What to do when school gets out…4 short months from NOW!!

Think summer and you start thinking about keeping your child busy.  And you want the moments to count for something not just “time fillers”.

That is where Children’s Special Services, LLC can really be THE place to turn to . Learning coping skills, cooperation, social skills, organization, frustration tolerance, information processing, etc. while increasing sensory motor skills is WHAT WE DO!!

And we have been doing it for over 20 years.  Check out our website www.childrens-services.com and go the calendar for May, June and July programs.

Our US Trademarked Handwriting WIN™ Write Incredibly Now™ Program is being implemented in over 15 states nationwide and our PLAY Your WAY sensory based Social Skills Program incorporates sensory and emotional regulatory skills in an interactive and fun environment.

All services are billed as therapy for possible insurance reimbursement.  All services are CPT and ICD coded so that services are within the reasonable and customary rates and regulations for occupational therapy within the state of GA.

Come check us out!!

Our Camps are:
Play YOUR WAY to Sensory Motor and Social:  A program of guided play to help the young child  ages 3-7 with fine and gross motor and sensory motor skills inclusive of but not limited to:

  • Sensory Modulation
  • Frustration tolerance
  • Following directions
  • Transitions
  • Noise tolerance
  • Tactile experiences
  • Memory
  • Sequencing
  • Body self awarenss
  • Drawing and Construction
  • Sharing
  • Group skills

WIN™ Program Write Incredibly NOW™  

Handwriting organization and sensory awareness rolled into 12 moving and exciting hours of increased competency—US Trademarked Write Incredibly Now ™ Program uses creative play to increase motor fluency.

Both manuscript and cursive taught.

**All camps billed as therapy for possible reimbursement for out of network expenses.

More information www.childrens-services.com

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Phone 770-394-9791

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