Therapy “vacations” are generally NOT a good idea

As this is time off time, I want you all to think about yourself and medication.

Would you take time off from blood pressure medication just because you have time off of work?

Would you stop a specialized diet for diabetes just because this time of year there are too many goodies to resist?

If you are logical, the answer would be “of course not”!

Well the same goes for your child.

A sensory skewed child, one with learning challenges, behavior issues, may find that time out from school is the IDEAL time to have therapy.  No homework to compete with, no after school programs, no tutoring to go to–just a down time with a purpose.

An extended therapy time may be just the thing for your child to stay on track and be on track when school starts back up again.  I am not saying everyday, but 1-2 times during the vacation can be an ideal time to address sensitive areas of competence at a stress-free time.

For those children with social issues, you might ask if they could bring a friend to work on a project in OT together, getting in fine motor, task design and social skills!!

Instead of therapy being something to take a vacation from, think of OT during vacations as something to enhance and enrich the time off!!