Hi Susan,
This has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding summer camp seasons I have experienced.  You really did an awesome job organizing, preparing  and communicating with families  children and staff.  YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!!!! How you do it all is just Je ne sai quoi????????    I TRULY ENJOYED THIS SUMMER WITH YOU and am always learning.
Love You To The Moon And Back!!!!!
"Be ashamed to die until you have accomplished some great work for mankind."-Horace Mann
Dr. Steph, OTRL

Even though this was a group of seven children my 2 boys told me that they got a lot of 1-1 attention!! Your additional observations and recommendations have been very helpful. I really appreciate your responsiveness! A wonderful part of their summer was you.
A.A. Parent 2017

My son was 11 years old when we finally got to Susan.  We had tried many other programs many other OT’s and PT’s and other professionals from the time he was 4  without results. (to help him write, draw, enjoy putting puzzles together, eat better holding forks and spoons, etc.) Noting worked.  We were told that his problems were so severe that maybe he might be able to learn to type and fit into a traditional school setting.

When we started with Susan the focus was immediately on building strength, and the basics of writing.  Every week we took homework home and I watched him get stronger and stronger and more confident in his abilities. Within months he had cursive writing that was legible and getting neater by the week.
We have homeschooled for 6 years and during this time he has grown but I wanted to try something different for middle school but felt we couldn’t move forward without his ability to write.  He needed to learn to take notes, do worksheets, etc., this year after 18 months with Susan he has been accepted into a rigorous college prep program.  I am confident he will succeed.  What is more important is that HE is confident he will succeed. I really do believe that without Susan and her remarkable skills to reach children and her “I will never give up on you” attitude we would not have been ready for this next big step.
Thank you Susan.  JD parent

Cannot believe this summer is already over. I am so glad to have met you. You truly have a servants heart. Your nurturing and compassionate nature is what makes you a wonderful OT. and fieldwork educator.  I feel fortunate to have studied under you in the time that I had, because I know the wisdom you bestowed upon me will stay with me throughout my practice.  To thank you for being such a remarkably accessible resource of knowledge advocating for the profession and for believing in me.  I am really going to miss you. I promise to keep in touch.
HW  (OTStudent Fieldwork II)

I have never known anyone more dedicated to their work than you. And they way you love your work is an honor to observe.  You are the most professional and well respected educator I know.  You have touched many lives.  All the children in my school,  my staff and myself have benefited from being able to grow in your presence.

Susan, your article that was published in ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy was sent to me by National UMDF.  You can imagine how excited and floored I was that our son was (already)  under your care.  I am so excited to have the article. I have already printed it and am foiling to further it along.  God Bless You.
—-A mom in need of Information

Susan is a gifted pediatric OT.  She has extensive training and certifications that would exhaust us both if I were to list them all. I recommend her without hesitation.  I would recommend that you contact her before seeing your pediatrician as she will advise you as to what you need from your pediatrician.
OT  Mom in GA

Big Breakthrough for Kody
I really believe that a lot of today’s “blocks” for Kody are motivated by fear that shuts him down, socially and educationally.  Kody hates t read, he hates school work and he doesn’t like to learn new sports.  Even the smallest mistake would make him shut down.  But Susan got through to him.
Today we saw a breakthrough!!   Kody rode a bicycle today without training wheels!  they started with a scooter, skateboard, bike without pedals, and then a small bike with pedals.  He fell, he shut down,  he tried again and again each time Susan cheering and guiding him on, not letting him give up.  The he GOT IT!! He rode all over around a cul-de-sac, up and dow a long driveway; we was on wheels!! and so proud of himself .It was amazing. Because she would not let him give up, he learned determination and I believe that will stay with him all his life.
Then we went inside Susan gave him a mitt and he was catching a ball with this left and  throwing it quickly back with his right.  He was smiling.  I have been trying to get him to do this for a very long time, but today with Susan he did it—with a smile on his face.  There was a sparkle in his eyes and his face lit up like I had never seen it before!  It was grand, so thanks a million to Susan (and she is really tough) for teaching my son he can do anything he sets his mind to, that challenges can be fun and how not to be afraid to learn new things.
Love, JG, ATL GA  mom

Hi Susan,

Hope all is well. I just tried calling to let you know how well Michael is doing this year in school, and you are directly responsible for that. I can’t thank you enough for your help in identifying and targeting problem areas Michael has been struggling with for so long now. You also helped him to overcome some significant obstacles in his writing. I do think the removal of him from the AC writing classes this year has given him the needed accommodation he was looking for in his schoolwork relief. He still has some anxiety, but it’s not founded when he starts to actually write. He still needs help organizing his thoughts though. What would you recommend in terms of therapy to help him make progress in overcoming this difficulty?

Sincerely, TS GA Mom