Occupational Therapy in Atlanta

It is the mission of Children's Special Services, LLC to provide quality care to both children and their parents. For us, this is not only a job. It is a calling and a privilege to contribute to the developmental process of your child. At our learning center in Atlanta, GA, we consider it our responsibility to help assure that the children in our care acquire the social, emotional, and physical skills necessary for successful growth and maturity.

We believe in every student’s potential and strive to motivate them to reach that potential. Change is never easy; we understand that growth is sometimes painful. Our goal is to facilitate children’s self-structuring of personal goals through occupational therapy.

We know the grief of coming up short of those goals. We also know that parents hurt as much as their children do, and sometimes even more. It is our mission to help children confront and conquer their fears and find joy in the process of developing physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our team recognizes that change comes from within—it cannot be imposed upon anyone. Every family is sovereign and every child is precious.  


Start Seeing Results with the Help of Our  WIN® Write Incredibly Now ® Handwriting Program

If your child is struggling with handwriting you can still get them the help they need. With the help of our trademarked writing program W.I.N.® (Write Incredibly Now), we take the headaches out of handwriting. With the help of this program your child is able to go from labored to legible in just 12 hours. This handwriting program helps your child get homework done more easily and decreases resistance to written assignments. With our help your child will develop more task time efficiency while increasing legibility, fluidity, and written communication skills. Unlike some other trace, write, and repeat programs, our unique curriculum uses colors, shapes, and crafts to teach automatic kinesthetic movements that translate into fluid writing. The program is for cursive, manuscript, and pre-writers.

Sample of messy handwriting

Before W.I.N.®

Sample of child's cursive handwriting

After W.I.N.® (results vary)

P.O.P.™ Is the Sensory Motor Program for Your Child

P.O.P.™ stands for Personal Options and Preferences, which is a friends’ club with an educational focus that incorporates music therapy, pediatric yoga, and occupational therapy. By focusing on interactive experiences we are able to help enhance self-esteem and cooperation in your child.

P.O.P.™ is based on both occupational therapy and speech therapy concepts; your child will be monitored for expressive and receptive language, as well as motor-sensory organizational skills. This occupational therapy evaluation allows us to better help your child’s development. Additionally, other professionals will be participating in some of the sessions with your child to facilitate fine motor, sequencing skills, memory, and presentational abilities. Our program provides children with a monitored, goal-measurable experience to:

  • Decrease Frustration
  • Expand Social Skills
  • Facilitate Ability to Tolerate Unfamiliar Situations
  • Improve Communication
  • Increase Motor Abilities & Coordination
  • Increase Organization
  • Increase Problem-Solving
  • & More

Children's Special Services LLC is an occupational service to help children learn life skills: handwriting, social skills, academic competence, sensory motor development and more. So, if your child has difficulty with certain subjects or day to day activities at school we are here to help. We offer individual, small group and sensory motor summer camp services to help your child succeed not just in school but in all aspects of their lives. 

What Is Occupational Therapy?

A number of children feel like their daily life in school is a constant struggle. The experience is anxiety provoking and tiresome, because they go to a place every day where no matter how hard they try, they fail. However, life doesn’t have to be this way for them. That is where we come in to help.

Occupational therapy is a medically based treatment that provides habilitation and rehabilitation to individuals experiencing difficulties in daily life functions. With children, this includes, but is not limited to, assistance with the attainment of age appropriate motor and visual perceptual abilities. These abilities include both academic and social skills required for life success.

OT may be just what your child needs to overcome the frustration and anxiety often associated with learning differences. Therapy helps children who are otherwise bright and capable move past the minor issues that keep them from realizing their full potential.

What Is an Occupational Therapy Evaluation?

An OT program is designed after a complete evaluation. Many tools are used for the evaluation as well, some of which are standardized (scored on a statistical standard) and others of which are criterion referenced (the age group determines the scale they are judged on). Another form of evaluation is clinical observation, meaning the OTR looks at the style and form in which the child does a specific task. Our evaluations assess the following:

  • Balance
  • Body Image
  • Hand Skills
  • Range of Motion
  • Self-Cares
  • Sensory Motor Developmental Abilities
  • Strength
  • Task Skills
  • Visual Perception
  • Visual Tracking

Many parents ask how long the evaluation takes, but that is dependent on a number of factors. Both the evaluation and the therapy itself take a variable amount of time based upon the issues found. At CSS, the usual length of therapy is one full school year plus summer to insure carry-over. Treatment is usually once a week for 50 minutes. After our initial assessment you will receive a written report.


Schedule your child for an evaluation today by contacting us. We happily provide our services to residents of Atlanta, GA.