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Both Handwriting and Sensory Social Skills Camps are at PACE Academy—FOR camp registrations only please contact CALL BETH SINGLETON AT PACE ACADEMY TO REGISTER OR GO TO THEIR WEBSITE 404-240-7412

Parents must register directly with Pace Academy but please send in “interest form” to Children’s Special Services, LLC

For all other services please know that you will be contacted once your interest form is received.

Learning exploration, curiosity, creativity, sharing, organization, sharing space and materials. Registered Music Therapist , Occupational  Therapy and Pediatric Yoga integrated into the programs. Sensory regulation techniques, sharing, delayed gratification/, motor skills both through crafts, music therapy and pediatric yoga, listening skills, social responses, and more!       Children ages 5-9

June 25-26-27-28   9 AM - Noon  At Pace Academy   $49/hr

LABORED TO legible in just 12 hours ~sensory handwriting utilizing games, crafts and sensory experiences in a fun fast way to legible handwriting -ages 5-12 —addressing motor control, grasp, organization, and appropriate penmanship. FUN Craft-oriented doing/feeling and creating!
June 18-19-20-21   July 9-10-11-12   9 AM - 12 PM  At Pace Academy  $46/hr

A screening is a preliminary assessment using both subjective and objective tools to determine if certain cognitive motor perceptual performances noted in the initial observation should be further investigated. An expanded screening comes with a brief written report and preliminary goals.

Regular Screenings: Measures basic skills at developmental levels that are criterion referenced. Screenings include a brief typed 1-2 page report.

The Expanded Screenings: 1-2 evaluative measures and a written report. (usually 4-5 pages)

There are 3 levels of evaluation:

1) Brief Evaluation 2-3 standardized tests $550 inclusive of a written report.

2) Intermediate Evaluation 3-4 standardized tests $750 inclusive of a written report.

3) Full Evaluation is 5-7 standardized tests, perceptual motor, motor -free processing, fine motor, gross motor, task processing, social/emotional reactions to tasks, and a full sensory integrative functional battery, summaries of performances with interpretations and correlations to school and social development, with goals and recommendations. It is $975.00.

It is an investigative process that looks more to what the child is capable of, rather than their current level of performance. The purpose is to uncover potential, and why the child is having issues. An evaluation takes 2-3 hours to administer another 6-8 to score analyze and write up and you DO get a fully typed 10 -15 page (approximately) report.

Evaluations take time and I have to go at a pace your child can tolerate except to spend at least 2 hours here I ask parents to be present—no siblings. It may take longer for more expansive evaluations. The children are not sitting all the time, there is a lot of movement during the session.