About Us

Children's Special Services, LLC is a comprehensive therapy service for children from toddler through teen. CSS uses interactive therapeutic learning experiences that encompass both psychological and physiological development issues. By assessing and treating visual motor, coordination, visual processing, and organizational skills, school and life skills improve. Handwriting deficits are just one specialization. Our therapists work with both the family and the child. We are located in the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody area (in Atlanta, GA) close to both highways 400 and I-285. All CSS therapists are highly experienced and employed through Advanced Rehabilitation Services, Inc.

Special Services Offered

  • Assistance with the Selection of Supplies & Equipment
  • Attendance at IEP Meetings as Requested
  • Clinical Intervention as Necessary (Motor, ADHD, Visual, Etc.)
  • Consultation with Teachers & Administrators
  • Evaluation of Perceptual, Motor, Cognitive, & Sensory Functions
  • In-Services for Faculty on Neuro-Developmental Learning Issues
  • Observation in Current Settings as Requested
  • Presentations to Parents on Development & Learning
  • Program Evaluation (Camps, Schools, Etc.)
  • Screening Services Preschool - Grade Six
  • Suggestions for Classroom/Task Modifications as Needed
  • Treatment to Remediate Developmental Concerns

Special Group Programs Offered

  • Outdoor Sensory Adventure
  • Social Skills
  • Specialized Handwriting

What People Are Saying about CSS

My son was 11 years old when we started seeing Susan and her therapists. We had worked hard with various OT and PT professionals from the time he was 4 years old to help him write legibly. It just didn't work, not matter how hard we tried or how much we practiced. We had one OT professional explain that his problems were so severe that he would never learn to write legibly and to focus 100 percent of our efforts on typing.
When we started with Susan and her group, the focus was immediately on building overall strength and the basics of writing. Every week we took home homework and I watched him get stronger and more confident in his abilities. Within months he had cursive that was legible and getting neater by the week.
We have homeschooled him for six years and he has grown and progressed beautifully. I wanted to try something different for his last year of middle school and high school but felt we couldn't move forward without the ability to write, take notes, etc. This year, after 18 months with Susan and her therapists, he has been accepted into a school with a rigorous college prep program and I am confident that he will succeed. I really don't believe that he would have been ready without the skills that he was taught by Susan and her therapists.
--JD, parent

Susan, I just read your list serve post and just wanted to thank you for always jumping in and educating all of us on things that are so meaningful to our practice. You always have so much information to share and I appreciate what you have to say. I also enjoy reading your column in Advance and immediately turn to your page when I receive an issue in the mail. I have been meaning to e-mail you to tell you this but kept getting sidetracked so I am glad to have the opportunity right this minute to tell you how glad I am to know you and to learn from your wisdom.
--Debi Hinerfeld, GA OT Assoc. President

Participants in Susan's latest Handwriting seminar in March 2007 shared what they enjoyed most about her presentation: "the lab work", "the practical, hands-on application", "the activities", "fun activities", "lots of great treatment ideas", "the pre-writing ideas for handwriting". The only "complaints" from all participants was that the seminar was not long enough!
--Healthcare professionals ranging from 2-26 years’ experience

Good use of activities for the participants to understand what a child is experiencing in gym class, etc.

Thank you for your honest, Susan.  It is very much appreciated.  I know it’s not easy telling parents things they would rather not hear.  The chart was very helpful for both my husband and myself.
We just talked to a friend who a kid with some needs and they actually use Dr. Weintraub too.  I couldn’t think of two better endorsements. We will make an appointment for her to be seen.   Anything we can do to help her we will try!
Thanks for being patient with my girls and us too.
--GA Parent

Hi Susan!!
This has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding summer camp seasons I have experienced. You really did an awesome job organizing, preparing the OT interns, communicating and marketing. YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING!!!!! How you do it all is just Je ne sai quoi???????? . I TRULY ENJOYED THIS SUMMER WITH YOU! Love You To The Moon And Back!!!!!
--Steph OTRL/D

Even though this was a group of seven children my 2 boys told me that they got a lot of 1-1 attention!! Your additional observations and recommendations have been very helpful. I really appreciate your responsiveness! A wonderful part of their summer was you.
--A.A. Parent 2017

Summer Camps

Schedule a seminar with Susan by contacting us. We happily provide our services to residents of Atlanta, GA.