Therapeutic Learning in Atlanta

Children's Special Services, LLC is a comprehensive child therapy service in Atlanta, GA, that has a deep focus on being culturally sensitive to parents. We provide our services for children as young as toddlers and as old as teenagers, helping them cope with the challenges of life and develop the skills they need to be successful.

We use an interactive, therapeutic learning experience that encompasses both psychological and physiological development issues. By assessing your child we are able to treat visual motor coordination, visual processing, and organizational skills. This plays a large role in improving the skills needed for school and life. We specialize in a number of occupational therapy programs for your child, which allows us to improve upon a number of issues such as handwriting deficits. If you think your child may need our help, start by asking yourself if your child exhibits any of these behaviors:

  • Awkward Use of Pencil
  • Cannot Make Numbers in a Column
  • Difficulty Skimming Page for Information
  • Easily Distracted
  • Fearful of Unfamiliar Situations
  • Loses Track of Belongings
  • Overly Dependent on Teachers and/or Parents
  • Poor Handwriting
  • Poor Motor Learning
  • Poor Organization
  • Seems to Have Difficulty "Growing Up"
  • Socially Uncomfortable
  • Works Excessively Slow (or Too Quickly)
Girl with multiple paint colors on her hands for sensory learning
Little Girl with braids writing on paper
Boy tying his shoes
Boy balancing on a ball
Young girl putting together the casing of a computer
Shadow artwork with multicolored background

Family Focused Therapy That Works

By working with both the parents and the child, our child therapy service is able to provide a comprehensive, family-focused service that has been shown to get results. Ultimately the main focus of our occupational therapy program is always on the child, but we also keep the family involved every step of the way. This allows us to provide maximum benefits to children and young adults experiencing some “snags” in either their motor, cognitive, or social development.

Our commitment to helping children excel in life is one of the reasons that we have been awarded the Georgia Award for Excellence in Preschool Screening Services. Regardless of your child’s cultural or religious background, we take into consideration their way of life and customs to provide them the highest quality of care.

Find out how our experts can help your child by contacting us. We happily provide our services to residents of Atlanta, GA.