What We Do

Children's Special Services, LLC is a comprehensive therapy service for children from toddler through teen. CSS uses interactive therapeutic learning experiences that encompass both psychological and physiological development issues. By assessing and treating visual motor, coordination, visual processing, and organizational skills, school and life skills improve. Handwriting deficits are just one specialization. CSS works with both the family and the child. CSS is located in the Sandy Springs/Dunwoody area (in Atlanta, GA) close to both highways 400 and I-285.

Does your child exhibit any of these behaviors?

  • Loses track of belongings
  • Poor motor learning
  • Poor handwriting
  • Works excessively slow (or too quickly)
  • Easily distracted
  • Cannot make numbers in a column
  • Awkward use of pencil
  • Overly dependent on teachers and/or parents
  • Fearful of unfamiliar situations
  • Seems to have difficulty "growing up"
  • Poor organization
  • Difficulty skimming page for information
  • Socially uncomfortable

Children's Special Services, LLC is child centered and family focused to provide the maximum benefit to the youngster experiencing some "snags" in either their motor, cognitive or social development.